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Smart Chemistry is an affordable swimming pool chemistry management service that monitors and controls your pool water. * We also offer full service options for your pool.

Once the system is up and running, you never have to lift a finger again to manage your pool chemistry.
Maintaining balanced water is always a challenge, but when you combine the latest in artificial intelligence, sleek, durable hardware designs, and human ingenuity... life gets so much better!

Pool Automation to the Extreme!

Once Smart Chemistry is installed, we will monitor and manage pH, TDS, Algae, ORP, Chlorine, Phosphates, Salt, Pump Flow, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Water and Air Temperature.

Your pool is connected to the cloud and our network of servers that never sleep. We utilize artificial intelligence on our platform to learn about your water every millisecond of every day.
Lifetime Warranty. Cancel Anytime. Yes, it’s THAT good!

Stop Wasting Chemicals!

Graph showing chemical levels spiking when chemicals are manually added

Quit throwing money down the drain managing things yourself.

97% of pool owners and pool pros check their chemistry once a week, placing pH and chlorine outside of optimal levels on a regular basis.
This means more chemicals are added every week, over and over again to balance your water. As time goes on, Smart Chemistry can save you an average of $17/mo of wasted chemical dosing, adding up to $1,020 in a few years.

Automatic Energy Savings

To ensure chemical readings and dosing are as accurate as possible, Smart Chemistry will actually control the flow of your pump to circulate the water for filtering and dosing on the most efficient and power-saving schedule.

Smart Chemistry is so smart, it manages your existing pump and can reduce your electric bill up to 70%.
Older equipment can increase your electric bill by an extra $72/mo, which adds up to $4,320 in a few years if not managed properly. That’s a lot of wasted electricity!
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Lowest Cost, High-Quality Chemicals

Pool chemicals

Chemicals are expensive & add up quickly if you don’t take care of your water. They can also fluctuate in cost due to high demand, shortages and surge pricing, as seen during the pandemic.

We source and manufacture our own chemicals and remove all distributor and retail markups to give you high quality chemicals at the lowest cost guaranteed with transparent pricing.
As low as $0.000999/gallon, including delivery and refill service, our Chemical Packages are unbeatable and start at only $4.99/mo. Your required amount of chemicals is determined by the size of your pool.

Join Our Family of Early Adopters!

Smart Chemistry is now delivering initial beta service throughout Arizona and will continue expansion to California, Texas and Florida in 2022. And the entire United States in 2023.

Available to a limited number of users per coverage area at this time. Orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.
During beta, users can expect to see several equipment updates as we continue to enhance the systems. As we add more Smart Chemistry units to our network, and gather more intelligence on local pool usage, chemistry changes, weather trends, and localized cluster data, our ability to maintain perfect water balance in any geography will be evolved farther than any current technology in the pool care industry.
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pH Only
Works for Fresh and Salt Water Pools
/mo equipment financing after rebates or buy from $1,999
  • Complete pH Management
  • Not Included:Complete Chemistry Management
  • Lowest Cost Chemicals Guaranteed
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty
  • Cancel anytime
Full Chemistry
Works for Fresh and Salt Water Pools
Best Value
/mo equipment financing after rebates or buy from $2,999
  • Complete pH Management
  • Complete Chemistry Management
  • Lowest Cost Chemicals Guaranteed
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty
  • Cancel anytime
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