Everything You Need to Know About Smart Chemistry!

Updated Jun 1, 2021

Wouldn’t it be great if someone created a device that you could plug-in to your pool and it just took care of everything?

Wait, there is? Um, yes! Well, just about everything. Here’s our logic…

90% of pool maintenance is keeping your water chemically balanced. And there just happens to be an interesting device we created called, “Smart Chemistry” that does exactly that!

What is Smart Chemistry?

Smart Chemistry is an affordable swimming pool chemistry management service that monitors and controls your pool water. It is a “Plug-In, and Done.” solution for pool owners.

Photo of Smart Chemistry System

What does Plug-in, and Done Mean?

Once you install the Smart Chemistry system, and everything is up and running, you never have to lift a finger again to manage your pool water.

Luv2Swim’s Smart Chemistry Technology essentially takes control of your water testing, chemical dosing, pump flow control, and a bunch of other things that ensure you always have the perfect pool.

It’s much more than pool automation… its complete management.

Why is it called Smart Chemistry?

This is where we get a little geeky, but it’s one of the coolest things about the Smart Chemistry Ecosystem that is the core of its existence, and what makes it amazing.

The reason we call the system “Smart” is because we connect your pool to the cloud and a large network of servers that never sleep.

These servers run the latest in artificial intelligence on a platform we built to learn about your water every millisecond of every day.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), AKA machine intelligence, is the field developing computers and robots capable of analyzing a lot of data to provide info, evaluate that information, and respond or trigger an action based on that data.

Through techniques like machine learning and neural networks, using hundreds or thousands of algorithms, (algorithms are sort of like when your memory creates new pathways or connections in your brain) we can essentially teach machines to ‘think’ more like humans or do things insanely better and faster than humans.

Picture of Smart Chemistry Dashboard

How Does Smart Chemistry Work?

As more pools are added to the Smart Chemistry Platform, the Operating System, which we lovingly call “Brainiac”, will gather, and analyze data from your pool. Such data includes: usage, chemistry changes, weather trends, and localized cluster statistics from other pools in your surrounding area, which will help it become better at predicting chemistry requirements for your pool.

It will evolve on its own to become the most efficient at managing your pool’s chemistry over time and avoid over-dosing, under-dosing, wasting chemicals, wasting energy on pump flow, and it will maximize its value as time goes on.

Some examples of triggered actions from the Smart Chemistry AI, are controlling the duration of chemical dosing duration, volume to be dosed, what time of day, or day of the week, to dose chlorine or acid.

It can easily handle any freshwater pools or saltwater pools and can even manage the salt chlorine generator to maximize the lifespan of your salt cell.

It can also control your pool pump to ensure proper circulation of sanitizer, effective water filtration, and reduced power requirements over time.

Yes, it’s pretty darn amazing!

How does Smart Chemistry Save Electricity?

Whether you have a Variable Speed Pump (VS Pump), or Single Speed pump, Smart Chemistry AI can control how long the pump runs, when it runs, and how fast it runs, and will figure out the most effective schedule for your pool over time. Hence, significantly reducing the cost of running your pump.

Picture of Pool Pump

Most people are told to run pumps for 8-hours at night.

Well, this may be the easiest way to get you to remember to run your pump, but it’s not necessarily the most efficient thing to do.

Why does this matter?

Because time is money and running your pump when you don’t need to is wasting you electricity.

Learn more about Why and How Long You Should Run Your Pump Here

What does Smart Chemistry Measure?

With a variety of sensors, flow meters, comparative physical testing by our Smart Service Technicians, and some fairy dust that we sprinkle on top of the equipment, we can monitor pH, TDS, Algae, ORP, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Phosphates, Salinity, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Pump Flow, Water and Air Temperature.

Yes, that’s a mouthful when you say it out loud.


How much does Smart Chemistry Cost?

Equipment: The pH management system starts at $9.99/mo., or if purchased, starting at $1,999.

And the Full Chemistry management system starts at $19.99/mo., or if purchased, starting at $1,999.

Picture of Smart Chemistry Plans

Chemical Service: As low as $0.000999/gallon, including delivery and refill service, our Chemical Packages are unbeatable and start at only $4.99/mo.

Your required amount of chemicals will be determined by the size of your pool.

For example… 5,000-gallon pool x $0.000999 = $4.99/mo. 40,000-gallon pool x $0.000999 = $39.96/mo.

Why is Smart Chemistry so Cheap?

Well, we wanted to make managing pool chemistry simple, affordable, and accessible the more than 25 million swimming pool owners worldwide who are tired of managing their own chemistry or paying for expensive pool service every month.

Additionally, the most popular pool automation equipment options on the market today come from Hayward, Pentair, Jandy and Rolla-Chem.

They can cost more than $5,000, they are NOT sexy at all, and you STILL have to manage them yourself. They can also cost $500 or more to install and may only come with a 4-year limited warranty.

When you have a large enough consumer base with the perfect pricing model, you can achieve economies of scale quickly.

And with economies of scale, you have more leverage when it comes to the manufacturing process and we start to see parts, equipment and supplies become more cost-effective for us.

This allows us to pass along the same cost-benefit to you.

The more pools we connect to our platform, the better value we can create for you.



Well, there is some history to this, so bear with us as we explain our process…

In order to reach those 25 million potential customers, we first had to establish a price-point on the equipment and chemicals that would accommodate everyone at various levels of household income.

Not everyone can afford to hire a pool pro and not everyone has the time to do their own maintenance because it can be time consuming. So, the value markers considered where time and money.

Value Question 1…

Is Smart Chemistry Worth the Investment?

Well, what’s it worth to get your life back?

Well, almost everyone agreed that it sucks to constantly test water and buy chemicals to balance water up and down and everything in the middle.

So, time is valuable.

Value Question 2…

Is Smart Chemistry Better than Hiring a Pool Guy?

Well, we knew that we could be competitive against any professional service, since Smart Chemistry can manage itself and do a better job than any human when it comes to your pool.

So, money is valuable.

And Finally, Value Question 3…

What is the ROI for Smart Chemistry?

Finding the sweet spot between value of time and money is where we ended up creating our price points you see today.

So, when does it pay for itself?

Actually, pretty much immediately.

You wont find cheaper chemistry management doing it yourself or with any pool guy.

And, since you are not stuck in any long-term financing agreement and can cancel anytime, and our lifetime warranty on the equipment is beyond belief… ROI is multiplied exponentially, every year you maintain your service.

And then, we started asking another interesting question…

Can Smart Chemistry Increase my Homes Value?

Well, funny enough, we are studying this now, but we need a lot more data to confirm correlation.

We are analyzing all home sales that have our Smart Chemistry systems installed and running a comparison to comparable homes without Smart Chemistry.

We are seeing a slight increase in sale price on homes with Smart Chemistry systems, which is pretty darn awesome!

It’s still very early, but as we get more data, we will be able to determine if the trend is accurate and if there is any correlation.

We will update this section once we get to a few hundred more home sales.

And how about ROI for the planet?

Is Smart Chemistry Better for the Environment?

Not only can Smart Chemistry make your pool safer, healthier, and manageable, but it’s good for the environment too!

That’s right! Over time, because Smart Chemistry is minimizing overall need for chemicals, because of precise dosing, you have less water waste.

This means thousands of gallons are saved by simply maintaining proper chemistry.

It also means less drained and refilled pools, and less chemical exposure to the environment.

And without the need to constantly pickup more chemicals, there’s less driving, which means less carbon emissions, and the list goes on.

We only have one planet, so it’s important to take care of it.

And, then came the financing…

Finance vs Lease vs Purchase Smart Chemistry?

If you Purchase Smart Chemistry:

All purchased Smart Chemistry systems come with 2 years of chemical service with cost of chemicals included.

Purchased systems also include SmartCare for 2 years, which includes quarterly filter cleans, multi-point pool and pool system inspection and maintenance.

Including SmartCare and Chemical is a major bonus value over financing, as they are usually an additionally billed item.

And when the 2-years are up, you simply start paying for chemical service, starting as low as $4.99, depending on pool size. You just can’t beat that pricing anywhere.

If you Finance Smart Chemistry:

Not everyone can afford to purchase equipment that is in the range of $2,999 to $3,999. So, we needed to find a lender willing to give the lowest possible monthly price to anyone who needed to finance, while also allowing for easy cancellation.

Yes, we know that sounds nuts! But we needed you to feel at ease about having the ability to cancel anytime if they were not happy.

With a fluctuating economy, just about every lender was uneasy and would not take a risk on anything new, innovative and unproven.

Especially, when we were asking for loans that could be “canceled anytime” by our customers…. in addition to having the lowest possible monthly payment factor. Some even laughed at us and told us to pound sand.

After careful consideration, leases were a no-go and installment loans ended up being the best option for everyone because we can protect our interest in the equipment… we could offer low monthly payments over long amortized periods to time for you… and most importantly, we would not need to put fixture liens on homes.

Not having a fixture lien was a big factor measured because it would have made things extremely tricky for anyone who wanted to sell their homes. It would have also made cancellation a lot more time consumed. No red tape means mutually beneficial situation for everyone, so that’s what we did.

Why are We Offering Rebates?

Because there are many uncertainties with the economy these days, lending options tend to fluctuate.

Because of this fluctuation, we will end up subsidizing the difference of monthly payment to reach the monthly price we are offering.

As mentioned above regarding economies of scale, the more pools we connect to our platform, the better leverage we have for negotiating financing terms with our lenders, which will eventually streamline the lending process without needing any rebates.

If we happen to find a lender that can create a monthly payment factor that allows us to offer financing at $9.99/mo. and $19.99/mo. without the need for rebates, we will switch everyone over to this more simplified lending option and end the rebate program.

How Can We Offer Chemicals At Such a Low Price?

Chemicals are expensive & add up quickly if you don’t take care of your water. They can also fluctuate in cost due to high demand, shortages, and surge pricing, as seen during the pandemic.

Picture of Smart Chemicals

We source and manufacture our own chemicals and remove all distributor and retail markups to give you high quality chemicals at the lowest cost guaranteed with transparent pricing.

How does our Lowest Cost Chemicals Guarantee Work?

We always want to ensure you receive the lowest cost chemicals guaranteed, so you always know you are getting the best value out of our service.

Should you see any chemicals being offered at a price that is lower than what we are offering to you, please let us know so we can make things right.

We promise to always beat the competition on pricing. If we are not able to beat the competitor, we will make things right by adjusting your service cost to achieve the same value add-back.

Who makes Smart Chemistry?

We created Luv2Swim to re-imagine the fragmented pool care market by pioneering a first-of-its-kind Smart Chemistry ecosystem that combines the best equipment, proprietary software, and world-class support service, to manage our quickly growing portfolio of connected pools.

We want to be Your Official Sponsor of Summer!

And, we spend our days thinking about how to make your life better, and give you back the time you are wasting on pool maintenance.

This is the first of our “smart” systems coming to market and we are extremely grateful for the positive reception and amazing feedback we are getting from everyone.

Why Offer a Crazy Cancellation Policy?

Everyone asks…. “Why oh, Why, would you even think about offering a cancel anytime policy on expensive equipment?”

Our answer is always the same… “We wouldn’t want to be stuck paying for something so new, innovative and unproven. Just like every lender that turned us down said. LOL

So, why would a customer not be allowed to have the freedom to escape if they were ever not 100% happy with the service?

We needed you to WANT to be a customer and LOVE being a customer. If we couldn’t make you happy, we don’t want to force the relationship.

That never works! So, we came up with something that once again, was mutually beneficial for everyone.

How does the Cancel Anytime Policy Work?

Whether the SmartChemistry system is being financed or purchased from us directly, you can cancel your service anytime.

You can return the system to us and we compensate you for the remaining balance of the financing or purchase value, less any depreciation, cost of any damaged parts and equipment, and cost items we are not able to remove from the property, such as flow switch, and valves that are installed into the pool plumbing system and cannot be removed.

In order to cancel service, you must be current on your service, with no lapses in subscription. Just give us at least 60-days notice.

This allows for enough coordination time to remove the equipment from the property, inspect the equipment for damage, and determine the current value of the equipment in order to properly compensate you for the system.

Once we determine value, we will cut you a check to reimburse you for the purchase or to use to pay off your financed balance amount.

This cancel anytime policy will be valid as long as you maintain your subscription with us.

How does Lifetime Warranty Work?

The warranty will cover the cost of hardware repairs or replacements for as long as you maintain your subscription, so be sure to keep current on your subscription to maintain coverage.

We really want you to feel comfortable connecting your pool to our platform and for hopefully keep you as a customer until the end of time. It’s important you have as much faith in the equipment as we do.

So, we decided to put you at ease by simply offering one of the best warranties that ever existed. How can you beat a lifetime warranty?

What’s Inside Smart Chemistry?

The Basics:

The system consists of many parts, such as sensors, smart relays, dosing pumps, chemical tanks, and other electronic components that tie everything together, not to mention, the main hub component doing the communication over Wi-Fi.

From Scratch vs Re-Purposing:

We chose to be smart about how we approach this product’s development and made sure not to build everything from scratch, as it would have taken forever to do so and cost an arm and leg before we could get to a viable product.

There’s no need to invent the hardware components of pool automation if it already exists… we just want to make a better solution using those components.

It needed to work better, look cooler, and be more cost-effective than the existing pool automation on the market.

So, we decided to find the best parts through various manufacturing sources and performed various quality testing, while tweaking everything to fit our requirements. Essentially, re-purposing existing components to make a better system.

The Freedom:

Additionally, we wanted to ensure that no matter what we ended up building, all of its parts would be brand agnostic or vertically integrated to maximize supply chain efficiencies.

Meaning that we did not want to put all of our eggs in one manufacturer’s basket. Whether we use Hayward, Pentair, Jandy, Generic or our own OEM parts, nothing in the device would be subject to influence by one big player in the industry.

By becoming brand agnostic, we will have more freedom when it comes to ongoing product development, as well as avoid supply chain issues with any single manufacturer.

This allows us to maintain stability with our own manufacturing process and avoid price fluctuations for our customers.

The Core:

And of course, we needed to create a centralized intelligence platform to work with everything. Interoperability across any hardware component was critical and managing water chemistry with the ability to predict and adapt was our final puzzle piece to tie it all together.

And, on to what to expect from the installation process…

How does the Installation Process Work?

Not going to lie… we have been slammed with so much positive feedback after launching Smart Chemistry.

We are insanely grateful for the excitement and interest and are working through all new orders as fast as possible.

Dates are filling up quickly and we are producing as many of these systems as possible to keep up with the demand.

So, it is very important that you submit your pre-order as soon as you can to get in our installation pipeline.

Once we have your pre-order, we will call you to confirm details, we will setup your account over the phone as well as guide you through online setup.

Next, we will schedule your installation.

Once the installer arrives, they will evaluate your pool and equipment.

They will also setup your pool profile in our platform, which includes a multi-point inspection to give us a full understanding of your pool’s current condition.

Once done, the installer will install the Smart Chemistry system and load up the chemicals. Immediately after powering up, the system will start learning about your pool.

The entire install process takes about 1-2 hours.

Following the installation, we will follow up with you by phone to verify everything went according to plan.

And we will start monitoring chemistry from there forward.

What’s Next for Smart Chemistry?

To reference an amazing Terminator quote, “There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves.”

We truly believe it’s time to evolve the pool care industry with a little magic fairy dust and innovation.

We hope to be your choice for where the industry needs to go. We would absolutely love for you to join our growing family of connected pools, hang with us at any of our upcoming summer festivals, or maybe we will see you at one of our local community pool parties we love hosting in neighborhoods just like yours.