Technology Startup Launches Artificial Intelligence Platform to Manage Pools in Phoenix, AZ!

Updated Jun 1, 2021

The future of pool service is beta testing in the Phoenix area!

Phoenix Homes with Pools

Phoenix, Arizona- May 23, 2021 – A new and innovative technology startup has launched its smart pool tech in the Phoenix area, with plans to expand nationwide by 2023.

Luv2Swim has re-imagined the fragmented pool care market by pioneering a first-of-its-kind Smart Chemistry ecosystem that combines the best pool automation equipment, proprietary software, artificial intelligence, and world-class support service, to manage its quickly growing portfolio of connected pools.

Smart Chemistry is the future of pool service,” says Brittany Smith, Communications Director at Luv2Swim, Inc, “Once you install our Smart Chemistry system, and everything is up and running, you never have to lift a finger again to manage your pool water. Our system will also evolve on its own to become the most efficient at managing your pool’s chemistry over time.”

Phoenix was chosen to be part of the beta test due to the year-round hot weather and sheer number of pools we have in the Valley. Phoenix metro area and surrounding cities comprise of 6 out of the top 10 cities with the most pool density nationwide, making the Valley a great choice for launching new pool technology.

Arizona couldn’t be a more perfect environment to launch our beta!” says Smith. “Well over 300,000 swimming pools and great weather all year.” “We needed consistent weather for the beta so we can focus on the core seasonal requirements and avoid any winterization issues.”

The Smart Chemistry device connects to a network of servers running the latest in artificial intelligence on a platform, which will gather and analyze data from its connected pools. This data includes usage, chemistry changes, weather trends, and localized cluster statistics from pools in the surrounding area. As more pools are connected to the Smart Chemistry platform, the operating system becomes better at predicting chemistry requirements for the pools its managing.

Our system optimizes all chemical management” says Smith. “Which means we can reduce annual chemical emissions into the environment, and we can maintain balanced water year-round, which means no more wasted water from draining and refilling pools.”

The Smart Chemistry setup is the equivalent to a couple Tesla Powerwalls. The device has about the same dimensions and connects to the pool pump and fits snugly against the home. Luv2Swim supports the device with lifetime warranty and even handles the chemical refills, so the homeowners don’t have to think about chemicals again. According to Smith, they decided to offer a hardware-as-a-service model to provide their customers peace of mind on the equipment indefinitely.

One big pain point for pool owners is supporting their own equipment when something goes wrong” says Smith. “They are stuck trying to figure things out, as a trial by fire scenario, and eventually get overcharged by local pool professionals to fix simple things.”

The current cost of the service starts at $9.99/mo for their pH management service, and $19.99/mo for their full chemistry management service. Smart Chemistry is capable of handling both freshwater and saltwater pools, and just needs a WI-FI connection in order to operate.

Also, according to Smith, one of the biggest benefits of using this service is that the company’s chemical pricing is guaranteed to be the lowest retail price. The company sources and produces its own proprietary blend of chemicals to avoid shortages and price surging, as seen this past year due to the pandemic. They also claim to remove distributor and retailer markups, to ensure the most competitive price can be offered to customers and prices remain as consistent as possible regardless of future market fluctuations.

Luv2Swim launched its beta just last month and just from word-of-mouth from its initial 20 alpha testers, they received over 1,000 sign-up requests in the first day alone and already have a backlog of installation requests. According to Decker, they were only looking for 100 users.

We were extremely grateful for the positive response on Smart Chemistry” says Smith. “We had no idea we would see this many sign-ups this early, but we are making adjustments to accommodate this demand.”

The company is now hiring more staff to ramp up its installation capability and is expected to start clearing out its initial beta test sign-ups by mid-summer. With the current market fluctuations on chemicals due to the pandemic ripple effects, it looks like Luv2Swim’s Smart Chemistry is resonating with pool owners everywhere.

After seeing this initial response from the public, one can expect the company to quite possibly be on to something! Could this be the future of pool service? Only time will tell, but so far, this seems to be off to a great start!

For more information on Smart Chemistry, please visit Luv2Swim.Com


Luv2Swim is a swimming pool equipment, subscription service, and media start-up based in Phoenix, AZ. Luv2Swim offers plug-in and done solutions for pool owners and operates the smartest pool technology platform in the world, with a growing network of connected pools.



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