What is Smart Chemistry?

Smart Chemistry is an affordable premium swimming pool chemistry management service that monitors and controls your pool water. Smart Chemistry is a “Plug-In, and Done.” solution for pool owners. Once the system is up and running, you never have to lift a finger again to manage your pool water.

What does Smart Chemistry Do?

Once Smart Chemistry is installed, we will monitor and manage pH, TDS, Algae, ORP, Chlorine, Phosphates, Salt, Pump Flow, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Water and Air Temperature. Your pool is connected to the cloud and our network of servers that never sleep. We utilize artificial intelligence on our platform to learn about your water every millisecond of every day.

How does Smart Chemistry Work?

The Smart Chemistry system uses a variety of sensors and flow meters to measure several data points from your pool water and your pool system. It sends all of this data to the cloud to analyze using custom algorithms, and then responds back to the Smart Chemistry system with specific commands to achieve the best outcome. These commands will control dosing duration, volume to be dosed, what time of day to dose as it relates to chlorine and acid. It will also control the saltchlorine generator based on those same commands. At the same time, the system will control your pool pump flow to match the commands and ensure proper circulation of chemicals and water filtration.

How Does the Installation Process Work?

Once we have your pre-order, we will call you to confirm details, we will setup your account over the phone as well as guide you through online setup. Once that is done, we will schedule your installation with you. The installer will first evaluate your pool and equipment. They will setup your pool profile, which includes a multi-point inspection to give us a full understanding of your pool’s current condition. Once that is done, the installer will install the Smart Chemistry system and the entire process takes about 1-2 hours. We follow up after installation by phone to verify everything went according to plan, and you are good to go.

Does Smart Chemistry come with a Warranty?

Yes, Smart Chemistry comes with a Lifetime Warranty on equipment. For as long as you maintain your subscription, the warranty will remain in place.

What does the Lifetime Warranty Cover?

The warranty will cover the cost and hardware warranty for as long as you maintain your subscription. Any lapse in subscription will void the warranty.

How much does Smart Chemistry Cost?

The pH management system starts at $19.99/mo and the Full Chemistry management system startsat $29.99/mo. Chemical subscriptions are also offered separately at affordable rates, starting as low as $9.99/mo. Chemical subscription depends on the size of your pool. There is also a one-time installation fee of $149.99 for freshwater pool systems and $199.99 for saltwater pool systems.

Why is Smart Chemistry so Cheap?

We wanted to make managing pool chemistry simple, affordable, and accessible the more than 25 million swimming pool owners worldwide who are tired of managing their own chemistry or paying for expensive pool service every month. When you have a large enough consumer base with the perfect pricing model, you can achieve economies of scale quickly. With economies of scale, we start to see our cost of Smart Chemistry parts, equipment and supplies become more cost-effective for us, which allows us to pass along that cost-benefit to our customers.

Why is Smart Chemistry Financed Instead of Leased?

We looked at several options for offering the lowest possible monthly price to our customers, while allowing for easy cancellation. Installment loans ended up being the best option for everyone because we don’t need to put any fixture liens on your home to protect our interest in the equipment. This allows you to easily cancel, move, or transfer service without any red tape. It also protects us from any potential loss of equipment due to breach of subscription. Mutual benefit is always the best option.

Why are Rebates Being Offered?

Because there are many uncertainties with the economy these days, lending options tend to fluctuate. Because of this fluctuation, we may end up subsidizing the difference of monthly payment to reach the monthly price we are offering. If we happen to find a lender that can create a monthly payment factor that allows us to offer financing at $19.99/mo and $29.99/mo without the need for rebates, we will switch everyone over to this more simplified lending option and end the rebate program.

Do I have to finance Smart Chemistry?

No. If you prefer not to finance the system, you are more than welcome to purchase Smart Chemistry for the current price of $1,999 for pH management or $2,999 for Full Chemistrymanagement. If you purchase the system, it comes with 2-years of chemical service with chemicals included. After 2-years, the monthly subscription for chemical service starts at only $9.99/mo including chemicals.

How much are My Chemicals going to Cost?

Our current pricing for chemicals service, including chemicals is $0.000999/gallon. If you take the size of your pool and multiply total gallons by $0.000999, you will find your chemical subscription price. For example: 10,000 gallons x $0.000999 = $9.99/mo.

Why are your Chemicals so Cheap?

We source and manufacture our own chemicals and remove all distributor and retail markups to give you high quality chemicals at the lowest cost guaranteed with transparent pricing.

How does the Lowest Cost Chemicals Guarantee Work?

We always want to ensure you receive the lowest cost chemicals guaranteed, so you always know you are getting the best value out of our service. Should you see any chemicals being offered at a price that is lower than what we are offering to you, please let us know so we can make things right. We promise to always beat the competition on pricing. If we are not able to beat the competitor, we will make things right by adjusting your service cost to achieve the same value add-back.

When do I get Billed?

The lender will debit you monthly for the equipment financing, however, we will only debit your subscription fees quarterly.

Is the Cancel Anytime Policy applicable with a Financed System?

Yes. Simply notify us 60-days prior to any cancelation, which allows us plenty of time to coordinate the removal of your Smart Chemistry system with you. Upon completion of removal, we cut you a check for the remaining balance of your loan amount and that’s it! Whether you cancel in 6-months or 6-years, the cancellation policy is still in effect so long as you maintain your subscription.

Is the Cancel Anytime Policy applicable with a Purchased System?

Yes. Simply notify us 60-days prior to any cancelation, which allows us plenty of time to coordinate the removal of your Smart Chemistry system with you. Upon completion of removal, we cut you a check for the remaining value of your Smart Chemistry system and that’s it! Whether you cancel in 6-months or 6-years, the cancellation policy is still in effect so long as you maintain your subscription.

What does it Cost to Cancel?

There is a $49 cancelation fee. This covers our cost to have our tech remove the device from your home.

How does the Cancel Anytime Policy Work?

Whether the Smart Chemistry system is being financed or purchased from Luv2Swim directly, current subscribers are able to cancel their service, return the system to Luv2Swim, and upon satisfactory acceptance of the system, be compensated for the remaining balance of the financing or purchase value, less any depreciation, cost of any damaged parts and equipment, and cost items we are not able to remove from the property, such as flow switch, and valves that are installed into the pool plumbing system and cannot be removed. In order to cancel service, the subscriber must be current on their service, with no lapses in subscription. Warranty must be valid and a notice of at least 60-days must be given. This allows for enough coordination time to remove the equipment from the property, inspect the equipment for damage, and determine the current value of the equipment in order to properly compensate you for the system. Once we determine value, we will cut you a check to reimburse you for the purchase or to use to pay off your financed balance amount. This cancel anytime policy will be valid as long as you maintain your subscription with us.

Who is Luv2Swim?

We are re-imagining the fragmented pool care market by pioneering a first-of-its-kind Smart Chemistry ecosystem that combines the best equipment, proprietary software, and world-class support service, to manage our quickly growing portfolio of connected pools. We are the Official Sponsor of your Summer! We spend our days thinking about how to make your life better, and giving you back the time you are wasting on pool maintenance.